Top 10 Day Trips From Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Playa Del Carmen Mexico

Visiting Playa del Carmen Mexico, is a great way to see the best of the Yucatan Peninsula. You can explore the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, hike the ancient trails of Coba, or swim at the white sand beaches of Tulum. Whatever your taste, you will be sure to have a great vacation. Playa del Carmen Mexico


Located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Coba was one of the most important Mayan cities during its heyday. It was once home to about 50,000 residents, making it one of the region’s largest and most important cities.

Coba is also home to the second tallest Maya pyramid in the world. The Nohoch Mul pyramid is a must-see and boasts impressive height and size. It is also the most visited Mayan ruins in the country, with more than a million visitors annually.

Playa del Carmen Mexico

Coba is a big complex with more than 30 square miles to explore. You can rent bicycles or take a pedicab to tour the grounds. You can also opt to tour the site on foot, but be sure to leave at least one day to enjoy the site’s splendor.

Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. It is the most visited archaeological site in Mexico. Chichen Itza is known for its architectural designs and attention to detail. Chichen Itza was a Mayan city hub of commerce, trade, and religion. At its peak, Chichen Itza was home to 90,000 people.

Playa del Carmen Mexico

From November to April, Chichen Itza is best visited in the dry season. Chichen Itza is also known for its spectacular pyramid, El Castillo. This pyramid is the most remarkable Mayan structure. It has 365 steps on its top platform.

San Crisanto

Located in the Riviera Maya, this small sandbox of a town offers a unique flavor of the gentry. Not to mention, it’s a great time to hone your golf game and unwind on its many pristine beaches. You could easily spend a day here or on many other days’ trips around the Riviera Maya. As you can see, this is a destination for the intrepid traveler. Fortunately, the city’s plethora of amenities and restaurants make this a convenient getaway from the bustling metropolis of Playa Del Carmen Mexico. The city’s a great place to start your vacation, as it’s a short drive from the Mayan Riviera, and it’s also a great base camp from which to explore the rest of the Yucatan. Playa del Carmen Mexico

Playa del Carmen Mexico

La Paz

Located in Baja California Sur, La Paz is the state’s capital. The city is known for its waterfront promenade, the Malecon, which is lined with restaurants, cafes, and bars. It is also home to a sea lion colony.

La Paz offers plenty of outdoor activities such as sport fishing, swimming with sea lions, and kayaking. Some tours include a picnic lunch on a secluded beach.

The town has many beautiful beaches and a lively waterfront promenade. There are several hotels in downtown La Paz. These hotels are within walking distance of the Malecon seawall.

Playa del Carmen Mexico

The city has five camping beaches within a 30-minute drive of the city center. Playa Balandra and Playa Tecolote are both ideal for swimming and beach activities. Both are natural protected areas.


Located in the state of Campeche, Seybaplaya is a fishing village that is also an attraction to tourists. Although the town is small, the surrounding area is packed with sites and activities to keep visitors entertained. One of the better spots to check out is the Stella Maris statue, which stands slightly over 25 meters high. The statue is located on the hill of the same name.

Playa del Carmen Mexico

Seybaplaya is also the home of a nifty-looking octagonal church topped by a mahogany wood roof. It has a 12-meter-high statue of the virgin of Carmen, as well as a large mahogany altar. The church is also home to a few other noteworthy items, including a small chapel with the most impressive sexiest church doors in the state.


Located on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Tulum is a boho-chic beach town with great food, nightlife, and activities. Its scenic location makes it an ideal destination for a getaway. The town is known for its beautiful beaches, ruins, and food that it served. Mexico City Travel Guide

There are plenty of ways to explore the area, but the best way is by bike. Renting a bike is a relatively cheap way to see the area; some hotels even provide guests with bikes. The most popular companies are Ola Bike Tulum and iBike Tulum.

Playa del Carmen Mexico

Another option is to take a private yacht charter to explore the area. Private yacht charters can be an incredible way to see the area and offer the chance to explore the area on your own.

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